Return of the Centaur

Here’s my latest comic:

Oh, I got the car from here. Thanks for letting me borrow your car, GregX!

So I featured the robots I called ‘Centaurs’ before. I rendered them in Blender, but I wasn’t every good at Blender, and their appearance kind of caught up on me, so I didn’t do a very good job.

So now the robots are a lot leaner, a lot more colorful and a lot more flexible. Before, I didnt’ have a ‘rig’ for the Centaurs, so I couldn’t pose them. Now I have a pretty detailed one, so I can pose it every which way.

I also made their dialogue a little less chaotic. Before, I picked random words out of my head. I always have an idea of what the statement means. Usually, only one word is relevant.

“You have grown overly friendly with bratwurst, sirrah!” ‘Friendly’ is the relevant word. The Centaur has spotted a friendly target.

“I hope to go batshit insane before the tourist season.” ‘Go’ is the relevant word. The Centaur is saying it knows it’s being transported.

These are part of the first group of panels I made after getting a nicer graphics tablet.

Oh, and the first two panels are actually done in Blender, a 3D render program. The detail was far crisper than in my drawing, so I ran it through a filter and traced all the corners with a pen. It felt a little like vandalism.