Last Minute

Here’s my latest comic:

So, before I wrote this comic, I wrote the second and third chapters of a story. It was about eighteen pages. It took around twelve hours to write and half an hour to read aloud. Basically all the comics I’ve put out since April of 2018 have been drawn from those eighteen pages.

One piece of feedback was that people found Steve kind of confusing. People thought, at first, that he might be Firehawk outside his costume. Possibly because of that, I crammed a lot of exposition in here.

Also, I do these in batches of four entries, and I didn’t realize until I was almost ready to publish that this entry had three panels. I’ve done that before, and it’s not terrible, but I thought about it and put in this Charlotte panel just before publishing. She keeps you wondering a little less, and I kind of like the angry tone.