Ada's Secret

Here’s my latest comic:

Here’s a couple notes. In the second panel, Julius is saying that he heard Ada knows seven languages. With her left hand, she’s correcting him by signing “eight”. She knows eight languages, one of them is ASL.

Also, you might think I screwed up in the last panel. Ada is doing two totally un-Ada-like things. For one thing, she’s not talking in Ada font (BB Ladylike), and she calls Julius “Julius”, not shortening his name to one syllable like she almost always does with everyone.

Those are both deliberate. Ada’s usual behavior is kind of an act (Charlotte talks about this long ago saying her mannerisms are like butterfly spots to confuse predators), and she’s dropping it for a moment. Her voice goes out of a high sing-song, and she’s not using a cute nickname.

I thought of this conversation months ago, and I was really looking forward to the last line, “There’s only one skill, and it’s patience.” It’s kind of my mantra as I go through this comic that requires me to learn so many different skills.