Thank You

I’ve got my Webcomic wrapped up in Jekyll, which helps me set up navigation, a standard layout and this very blog. I started out on a Facebook group, but I didn’t like posting there for some reason (spoiler alert: it’s because Facebook sucks). Now, I’ve got my own blog to post, and I thought I’d thank everyone who helped me so far.

My wife, Kate, has listened to me talk about this since I first started writing a novella called “The ‘I’ in Evil” about five years ago. I’ve talked to her about the writing, drawing and website since I began this just over a year ago, and she was always ready with an honest opinion and helpful advice.

My brother, Ben, helped keep me going with his enthusiasm. I’m going to thank a lot of people for their encouragement, but Ben’s boundless energy is tough to match.

I only told George Corrigan about the comic a few months ago, but he’s given me a lot of tremendously helpful advice about the layout and interface of this site. If any part of this layout makes sense, you can probably thank George.

J B Bell and I met when we were nine. He gave me not only a lot of encouragement but also his likeness for the unfortunate developer Marcus, named for J B’s hero, Marcus Aurelius.

Jefferey McGrew, LaMaia Cramer, Katya Safford and others listened tirelessly as I talked about this project. It’s a project on many levels, and it uses almost every talent I have. I’m boiling to talk about it, and your patience has kept me from going mad and talking to streetlamps about ScriptFu.

And thanks to my son, Zane Joly, whose lifelong fascination with villains is half my inspiration.