Off To Pax

Here’s my latest comic:

I am off to PAX South next week. If you’re a reader and going there, drop me a line, and I’ll try to get in touch during the event.

This is a pretty good time to go through some vocabulary that’s only known to me:

Delta A ‘delta’ is a comic where I can use a previous panel for a major foreground element. My last panel is a delta of a previous panel with no Charlotte and a bigger Ada.

Lazy A ‘lazy is a comic where all non-text elements are shared with a previous comic. Panel 237 is a lazy using all panel 236’s art. Here’s an actual real artist making a 4th wall joke about lazies:

I haven’t counted, but this comic is about half deltas and lazies. I think I’m trending to using fewer. Very rarely, I’ll do an entry that’s all deltas and lazies. Often, that’s because I’m trying to catch up and recharge my ‘buffer’, which currently stands at five weeks.

PTO It means ‘Paid Time Off’, just like in a workplace, but I use it to refer to characters that are inexplicably out of a scene because I don’t want to draw them. Charlotte and Finch are in the same room as Ada and Julius and have been all this time. Why are they never in frame? They’re on PTO.

Pixar Light I’m a big convert to the importance of shading since I started this comic. Sometimes, I want dramatic light that isn’t like the previous scene. For these situations, I imagine that the Luxor Junior Lamp from Pixar’s short film is madly hopping around the area, lighting things willy nilly. The black-and-white section from entries 22-29 have crazy Pixar light.