I'm Obsolete

Here’s my latest comic: https://inhumaneresourcescomic.com/#/panel/279.

This baby went up with no work on my part. I went to the comic to check for the wall decorations, and I noticed that my cron job had updated the comic.

Eventually, the website will do these updates (maybe I’ll queue up comments like this).

A little over a month ago, I sent a notice out that anyone who wanted to appear in the comic as a character could. Penny Arcade auctions off this kind of thing for thousands. I know they have ‘readers’ and Mike can ‘draw’. I just offered that to anyone who reads this blog, and neither of those people spoke up.

Well, stand on the docks and wave your hat at the horizon, because that ship has sailed. I picked an actor I liked and used his face. Here’s hoping my lack of artistic talent can save me from a cease and desist.