The Return of Green Skull

Here’s my latest comic:

How long has Green Skull been out of this comic that basically centers on him? I’m pretty sure that it’s more than a year. He’s appeared in the odd flashback and flashforward, but Julius hasn’t actually been near him in ages. This comic is kind of a parody of startup life, and developers don’t get to talk to the CEO often.

When I was working on this, it hit me that I’d heard someone who talked very similar to Green Skull. I don’t mean distorted and deep (I imagine Green Skull sounding roughly like Optimus Prime). I mean this overwhelming confidence mixed with dismissive contempt. The very first startup I ever worked at, at the very same building where Microsoft started, had 2-4 people, and the CEO was an amazingly talented programmer. He was a startup CEO before the age had begun. I washed out in about three months.

And Green Skull is rendered in Blender for this, and I’ve redesigned him a little. The mesh starts off as MasterXenon1001’s body, which I rigged, made a skull helmet for and painted. I changed the helmet design, and I think I like this change better. I reserve the right to retcon things in the comic, especially as I start learning to render them.