Here’s my latest comic:

I’ve done four panorama panel groups since I started the comic (the first one is Arthur’s burning house, which is only two panels across). It multiplies the number of things that can go wrong, so it takes a bit longer. Usually, I’m happy with the result.

As kind of an easter egg, Paul Delgado and Amanda Levy are in the first panel. Paul Delgado is the security guard Finch was pretending to be while Julius was training. In real life, Delgado, sensibly ran past the masked people who weren’t attacking anybody.

In panel 402, Julius is saying, “Twelve”, but we can’t hear him inside the suit.

I drew the entire batch of 17 panels forgetting Ada’s shoulder holster. I went back and put it back in and requeued everything. It’s the biggest revision I’ve done thus far.