Murder Priorities

Here’s my latest comic:

I come up with centaur phrases in different ways. “I hestitate to say, but my genitals have become ambulatory.” I worked out from “hesitate” (which is the key word the centaur was communicating) and tried to come up with a silly, arbitrary phrase. So you can blame me for this one. The next one will be random words picked from a dictionary, so that won’t be as much my fault.

For an insight into my mind you didn’t want, I actually find it harder to ask Chris Tollinger whom I see every day for pictures than it was to ask Chelsea, whom I haven’t spoken to in person for something like five years.

I guess from Finch’s metaphor in the last panel indicates he’s an omnivore.

Originally, Ada was going to basically dare Steve to shoot the centaur knowing it was too heavily armored to be hurt. It took up too much time.