Here’s my latest comic:

I can very easily imagine doing what Julius does here, hearing a gunshot and mistaking the shock for being hit. I don’t think it would happen to someone who actually knows what it’s like to be shot, but Julius is not one of those people.

Sometimes, I have a joke that’d work if I made some reference to something everyone can agree is frustrating. In my written draft, there was some reference to working for Amazon being worse than working for Green Skull. I changed that to Yahoo.

I haven’t worked with Oracle in a few years. My impression was that the commands were pretty arbitrary. One of Oracle’s source of income is some very expensive training, so it’s part of their model that things aren’t obvious so that people need this training.

The last time I touched Oracle, I had a problem because there was a big difference between Java’s libraries for talking to Oracle and Oracle’s own library. I said that whoever supported Java (which is Oracle) really hated the people who own Oracle. My manager said, “I was a manager at Sun when Oracle aquired them, and I can say that’s definitely true.”