The Big Speech

Here’s my latest comic:

So here’s how I see the mechanism for the autogarrotte:

You have a housing with a wire that comes out of it. The motor is activated when you pull on the wire and let go of it (there’s a proximity center in the housing that senses a chip in Green Skull’s glove). The autogarrotte then reels in the wire. It reels quickly at first then changes gears to continue slowly after it meets resistance (usually because it’s starting to constrict around the neck).

It’s meant as a distraction – kind of an instant hostage situation that you don’t have to supervise.

I dont’ have a good reason why Green Skull broke the glass door of the data center on his way out rather than just opening the door. I liked drawing the broken window.

Also, I keep giving my villains SUVs, which don’t seem like a supervillain vehicle unless you’ve been on a bicycle that got hit by one. It’s not the Range Rover that Ada and Julius arrived in, but it’s similar.