the Legal Fallout

Here’s my latest comic:

So this is a normal life event. It’s not like getting kidnapped by a supervillain. I’m presenting what happened to Julius as a real possibility, and I have to admit, I don’t know anyone who had this experience.

Here’s some pieces that I do have second-hand evidence about:

  1. Julius’s ex-wife hit him, but when this came up legally, everyone who witnessed it acted like they hadn’t. I have heard of this happening, but with a woman whose husband hit her. I assume it could happen with the genders switched, but I don’t know.

  2. Julius doesn’t think he needs a lawyer. This seems like the behavior of a really sheltered, unimaginative person. Julius might have been sheltered and unimaginative in this respect.

  3. A judge ignored a pattern of behavior by one partner and prosecuted the other. I’ve seen this happen on a much smaller scale. I wouldn’t say it’s typical. Julius didn’t get a lawyer, and he doesn’t have good self-control (several times in this comic, he makes sarcastic quips at homicidal sociopaths). I could see him really screwing himself.