Start of Section Two

Here’s my latest comic:

So this is section two. There are a couple concrete differences.

  1. The backgrounds are all made in Blender with very little touch-up. I discovered “Freestyle”, a kind of Blender plugin that makes a much more hand-drawn effect to backgrounds.

  2. The talk bubbles are more rounded. I saw a guide to lettering, and a big takeaway is that most people make much more rounded bubbles than I do. So my latters are now centered, and my bubbles are far more rounded.

I’m using images from 300 panels before, and you may have noticed a kind of distorted look that’s unlike my ordinary artistic shortcomings. That was me planning for these events I’m kicking off now that deal with what capture dust doesn’t do well.

It was a lot of work doing that one VR panel. I’ve had to reformat my windows machine, which made me lose my model of Julius. I had to rebuild that and remember how to capture it again.

However, the Blender backgrounds were super easy.