In Stunning 3D!

Here’s my latest comic:

I’ve been using the 3D render program Blender to make reference images for years. For about a year, I’ve taken models in Blender, traced them, smeared them and incorporated them into panels. For a couple months, I’ve been using a Blender model of the base for my backgrounds.

Now I’ve got a model for Julius. It’s the biggest step, and it took a really long time. I learned a whole lot in the process.

These panels were done in Blender, imported into GIMP where I did shading in a pretty typical way. The actual work was less, but a lot of things came up, and there were many last-minute fixes of my work.

As to the subject, this is very much from the heart. These are the first words out of my mouth when I make a big discovery. Usually, I’m pretty happy to say them.