Julius Free!

Here’s my latest comic: https://inhumaneresourcescomic.com/#/panel/615.

So this whole thing started with my trying to write a novella then a short story and then a novel, and that work was always first person from Julius’ point of view. There weren’t conversations like this one without him.

This is also a new room to my rendered comic. It’s the “fab lab”. It’s appeared in panel 324, and a couple times when Charlotte and Finch were there talking to Julius during the data center job. The walls have been lavender. I asked my wife to look over the decor, and she went with the light brown, though I don’t know that she’d approve of how it shows up post render.

The room is a challenge because it has a lot of things and because it’s Charlotte’s domain, and Charlotte is supposed to have a sense of style. I did these art deco lights that I kind of like. Maybe the clutter in the background is a little too platonic. I wanted to throw in a couple nods to other people’s work, putting in someone else’s laser or something, but I didn’t coordinate well enough.