Green Skull Unmasked (Kinda)

Here’s my latest comic:

Here’s my first reference to covid-19 in the comic. I said a few months ago that Inhumane Resources takes place about five years in the future. It’s closer because it’s taken me almost three years to write this, and only a year has passed for Julius.

It’s maybe 2023, and there’s a vaccine for covid, and people don’t think about it much, but it’s still normal enough to go to a store with a face mask on, like it was in much of Asia before covid but after MERS, SARS and a few others.

I’ve got more ideas about politics and how there are criminals and masks about, and I was thinking of putting that into the comic right here, but I was afraid of presenting the wrong narrative ahead of the election. There’s some world building I’m kind of planning to do.

Oh! And this is the first comic with Charlotte as a 3D model! She hasn’t shown up for over a year, I think. I’ve been putting off people until I had time to model them. Julius talked to Green Skull while I worked on Finch. Julius talked to Finch while I worked on Ada. Julius talked to Ada and had a montage while I worked on Charlotte.

Charlotte’s model used Ada’s as a starting point. I worked on some differences.She’s got a much fuller figure, a bolder nose, a stronger brow, sharper cheekbones and, of course, completely different hair. Almost everybody else started out as a square.