Entry 167

Here’s my latest comic: https://inhumaneresourcescomic.com/#/panel/739.

Here’s the cameo list for today: Second Panel:

So this date was in my first draft of this story as a novella about a dozen years ago, including Julius and Charlotte dancing to Tango, though they’re dancing to Oda Para Un Hippie in the short story. I changed it to Suite Punta Del Este for the Twelve Monkeys banter.

For the record, I love Astor Piazzola. It is a little out of place in my music library full of snarky geeky music. My father listened to it, and it caught on with me. Twelve Monkeys is one of my top ten movies, and starting with Piazzola makes it a little bit better.

Those notes are actually from the sheet music for Suite Punta Del Este. It’s a weird detail to work on since I let a lot of details. They’d have to talk really fast because almost all these notes are from the very beginning.