Julius's New Threads

Here’s my latest comic: https://inhumaneresourcescomic.com/#/panel/767.

Lots of this line is because I got sick of how Julius is dressing. My thinking is that they got a bunch of clothes (I’ve already established Charlotte is good at sizing people by eyesight) when Julius started, and he’s mostly been cycling through those. Charlotte started picking clothes to her taste more than based on what Julius was used to after they started dating.

This is a pretty stupid argument for Julius and Charlotte to be having, and it dovetails into the other pretty stupid argument about whether they sleep in the same room. In a regular narrative, I’d probably cut this line as a general policy of “kill your darlings”, but this webcomic remains a vast darling reserve.

The lobby card Julius is hanging up in the first panel is from the Ralph Bakshi movie Wizards. Not just the movie, but this very scene is going to play a small part in the climax of the story.

And, if you’re reading my blog, you get another spoiler. Finch’s denial in the last panel “No to both of those,” leaves a very deliberate loophole.