Build Master

Here’s my latest comic:

I’ll say it: “Build master” is a weird thing to call the person responsible for deployment in a pre-devops world. I guess you’d say it’s IT or “the deployment guy”. A Build Master is usually the job title of software that ships and installs on a computer. A Build Master is the guy who makes sure the source code comes together for products that ship, unlike IT, who used to make sure code deployed in the days before devops.

However, the story gets a little broken up if I say “the IT guy in charge of deployment”, and it’s not impossible that Finch, like me, faced with having to tell a story would shorten up that seven word title to “build master”.

Do I need to say that these guys who work for a supervillain aren’t real, and this isn’t accurate about the start of DevOps. There are a couple tidbits for people who know the history to show I did a nominal amount of research. Flickr was one of the first web companies to do this kind of automated build, and Debois was one of the first people to explore the possibility.