The Trap

Here’s my latest comic:

There are a bunch of strange sources for today’s comic. There’s a map pulled directly from Google Earth. There’s a drawing referenced from an architectural website. There’s a pretty standard render of Green Skull close up. I set up the cityscape and showed an angled view with extra thick freestyle lines, and then there’s a render of Firehawk (who I made a model for just this panel so far), with traced over lines.

The “Piggy Fuggs” in the restauarant name comes from a misread I did of “Spicy Nuggets”. I saw a sign from an angle that cut off the first letter, and with some creative reading, I got “Piggy Fuggs”. I imagined something made form pork that was admittedly “fugly” and thus “Piggy Fuggs”. The sign has the addition of “Now with MORE Sodium.” and “Sweet Jesus!” borrowed from the “Rejected” cartoon.