Too Hot to Handle

Here’s my latest comic:

Even since I first made specs for Firehawk’s fire armor, I’ve been making different silly comparisons for it. I don’t know if Charlotte will keep rattling them off, but I’m not out of them.

So I wanted to avoid one of two pitfalls with powered armor. One is assigning a magical level of density. Iron Man wears armor thinner than fall clothes in Illinois, and it somehow protects him from tank cannons and contains jets, guns and a power source.

The other problem is making armor where the person wearing armor doesn’t have a place for their limbs to go. The Marines in Starcraft have armor where the shoulder seems to start about midway through where the wearer’s forearm would be.

So I looked at something that could hold all the heat sinks and all the raw materials for the ultra flamethrower, and it was big. I superimposed it on my model for Firehawk himself, and it left him with stubby little arms with very little mobility.