On Tapas

I’m a little slow to put this up, but my comic is now hosted on Tapas. Tapas (also called Taptastic) is a webcomics platform with a really clever implementation of infinite canvas (this thing where you can scroll through my entire comic without leaving the page).

I’d missed this site when I was doing research for my comic, and it might have changed my mind about writing my own webcomics platform. The biggest difference is that it scrolls vertically instead of horizontally. Technically, this is a much easier choice. If you’re going for an international platform, it occurs to me that it’s a much better choice. Not everyone reads left to right, but everyone reads down.

On the side of horizontal scrolling, I can do panorama scenes more easily (doesn’t happen on vertical unless you’re making something very tall), but I average only two of those a year.

Anyway, it’s integrated with my automated publishing, so when my comic goes up on my site, it’ll go up on Tapas, too.

There’s another big comics hub out of Korea called Webtoon. I plan to post to there, too, but it’s not the very next thing on my todo list.