Going Up

Here’s my latest comic: https://inhumaneresourcescomic.com/#/panel/351.

So in a lot of panels, I didn’t think about light until I was done. Not so here. I know the light changes drastically from panel to panel, but that’s because they’re in a car that’s moving. Right now, it’s on an elevator moving it straight up (you can see the edge of the floor in the back window in panel 353).

For a few months, I’ve been handling part of my lighting with a ‘lightmap’ layer. It’s a greyscale layer in overlay mode that depicts where the light hits. If you don’t work with a paint program, this paragraph probably makes very little sense to you.

It didn’t occur to me until after that Ada’s dressed almost exactly like I did when I was twenty or so. That’s before I wore T-shirts all the time because it’s before I had to deal with Texas summers.