The Criminal Outfits

Here’s my latest comic:

So the pale blue background with jagged tails means that these talk bubbles represent things people are saying over the radios inside their helmets. Do I make that clear enough by context?

I’m not a very visual thinker, and I didn’t have a clear idea what this pale Groucho Marx helmet would look like until I drew it. I made Inhumane Resources as a novella many years ago, and this Groucho disguise was in it from that first draft. There was a second and third draft without this entire crime, but people hated those drafts, so I mostly went back to the first.

Anyway, it’s odd to see this on my screen ten years after thinking it up. As I said, this doesn’t float in my head. I hear people and see some flashes, but I didn’t imagine this.

It’s a very last-minute detail that Julius is inaudible to everyone else. I decided to do that pretty much as I was writing the thumbnails for these panels.