Here’s my latest comic:

Okay, I messed up my first post. I’ve had a few issues with autoblogging, and I had to shuffle some posts. I lost the blog entry I was going to put up here.

Anyway, also, that’s my old friend, Chelsea Winfree in panel 376 in the Puglist shirt. Or at least, that’s an attempt of mine to draw her. I’m not very happy with this drawing, and I was pretty terrified Chelsea would tell me I couldn’t use it. I really wish I was a better artist. This picture doesn’t do her justice.

I met Chelsea something like eight years ago. She’d started as QA at a place I worked as a developer. She was shortly out of the military. We had this exchange about a page I’d written:

Chelsea: I find this page very confusing.

Me: Yes, it seems very confusing to me.

Chelsea: Didn’t you make this?

Me: Yes. I didn’t design it, though. I’m just doing what they told me to do.

Chelsea: That phrase doesn’t have a great history.

I’ve used people for single-panel appearances, but I’ve got four panels of Chelsea and I’m going to draw more. Thank you, Chelsea, very much for lending me your visage, helping me by sending reference photographs while you were travelling and not withdrawing your permission when you saw my drawings.

Oh, that shirt she’s wearing is a real shirt. It’s by the same guy who did “I Understood That Reference” shirt Julius is wearing when the Centaur shoots him.

It’s available at shirt.woot if you want it.