Cloudfront and Other News

I’m on my way to updating DNS to move our hosting from S3 to Cloudfront. For you, gentle reader, the only thing you’ll notice is that the website will be a little faster.

This task was further down my priority list, but my domain was set to expire soon, and it was relatively easy to get SSL while I renewed it, and I need Cloudfront to use SSL.

In my writing/drawing, I’m in a new section. ‘m past these conversations where Julius becomes Julius and talks to the bunker denizens. It’s exciting, but it’s a lot of work for me as an artist.

I’ve got bigger news that I’m starting work getting my son’s webcomic, The Other Adventurers, up and running. It’s heavily influenced by his favorite webcomic, the Order of the Stick. I’m setting up Mobinge for the first time since I’ve developed it, which should give me some insight. I’ll let you know when that’s ready.