Back From Pax

Here’s my latest comic:

I’m back from PAX! I had a great time. I’ll try to run down favorite moments (I haven’t had time to order them):

1) This is the weirdest: Sitting in an auditorium with over 2,000 people watching a D&D game. Seeing a professional wrestler (though in civilian clothes) as part of an adventuring party? (He was so comfortable doing it and played his cheese-obsessed barbarian very well) Hearing thousands of people lose their shit at a critical success? Hearing the same thousands yell in unison “GREEN FLAME!” and hold up foam “Green Flame” gloves whenever the DM says a wizard summons green flame? These are not from some nerd’s fever dream. Or thater, they are, but then he made that shit happen in the meatspace.

2) While waiting for line, getting into a Star Realms game by remembering a piece of rules. I didn’t just enjoy it because I won, but I did.

3) Speaking of winning, I got a first-place in a PAX tournament for the first time. It was Zombie Dice, probably the first dice game I played with Zane.

4) Some great panels. “Hidden Gems of PAX” had some incredible banter, with the people on the panel juggling seven runnning jokes by the end, so every new thing they brought up somehow incorporated, “Fuck your shit up”, “Are you a cop?”, “Get more babies, spouses” and “Mug robots for money”.

5) There was a talk about “The Joys of Creating in Obscurity”. It’s by the guy that does this: It kind of deals with being an artist without fame. It’s a really interesting talk that lead to a lot of self-realization that I’m still processing.

6) Back to back games of Secret Hitler with some very cool people.

7) Guiding my son and some friends through the convention. This was stressful because it was tough to feel so responsible for other people’s safety and happiness, and I don’t know if I can do it again.

8) Oh, oh True Dungeon was amazing! The sets were amazing! The costumes on the monsters were amazing. The monsters’ dialogue was great! The puzzles were great! As a cleric, I was a healing and bashing machine up until I died on the Rainbow Bridge.