Honestly, That's Never Happened Before

Here’s my latest comic: https://inhumaneresourcescomic.com/#/panel/275.

So I accidentally published the comic ten hours early. I was fiddling around with moving directories. I did a test of my publication script to see if it still worked.

I’ve run these tests before. Usually, they say, “There’s nothing to publish,” because it’s not Sunday, when the comic’s scheduled to go out. But ten hours ago is still Sunday, so it went ahead and published the comic.

I’ve written the 300th panel of the comic. At around 500, I think I’m going to wrap them all up and try to Kickstarter a physical collection. What? Where’s everybody going? What did I say?

Every so often, I finish a comic and think it was so easy that maybe I could do it twice a week. In the past, I’ve had to do a comic that’s so challenging that I wonder what the hell I was thinking drawing a comic in the first place.

Zane’s drawing panels for The Other Adventurers. He was busy with school and being in a play, but the play is done and he’s on Spring Break.

I suggested how he could do the comic faster drag and dropping characters. That’s a lame, lazy cop-out when I do it, but Zane has stick figures.

Even using stick figures, though, Zane’s finding some really cool new ways to portray them, and I’m glad he didn’t take my advice.