Ordering in Bulk

Here’s my latest comic: https://inhumaneresourcescomic.com/#/panel/284.

The amazing becomes commonplace really quickly. I stopped drawing for a moment to check to see if my script had screwed up this weeks post, and no, the comic went up fine.

I’m mixing a few things up with the comic:

  1. I’m drastically changing art styles. I did this once when I went to black and white fingerpainting, and I’m doing it again.

  2. In the past, I’ve done work on a weekly sequence. I sketch a week, ink a week, fill in a week, shade a week, background a week, do bubbles for a week and publish for a few weeks before. Well, since I’m no longer part of the publish process, I thought I’d try doing it in two week intervals, so I’m mid-way through nine panels instead of done with four.

  3. Most of my panels are ‘lazies’ or ‘deltas’, meaning I take a panel I did before and shift things around, stick new dialogue with it and I’m done. I’ve been trying to cast off my crutches and do a few entries without lazies. Largely, I don’t have a choice because my art style doesn’t allow old work (see point 1), but I’m working on three entries of all original panels.

Also, I’ve got stuff set up to do videos of my working. I got a webcam, set up OBS, and everything is working. I’ll start once I’ve gotten either familiar with my new art style or past the entries that require the new art style.