Here’s my latest comic: https://inhumaneresourcescomic.com/#/panel/305.

Okay, I haven’t updated in a while. The embarassing truth is that I usually blog on Sunday night, and I’ve been watching Game of Thrones. I’m drawing up a storm, I’m just not providing links to what I do.

One thing to go back to: That poster behind Julius that’s next to the bookshelf in panel 304 (it’ll show up again) where Julius is saying “Bowel-shattering terror” that picture that looks like it’s maybe etched onto metal is Aaron Schwartz, who is loosely the person Finch is based on.

Finch’s real name is August Black. Aaron is Hebrew for exhaulted or august, Schwartz is Yiddish for black.

So I am NUTS about Virtual Reality. This webcomic narrowly beat out VR as the obsession that would devour my life. I’m trying to combine the two, and I hope to show some of that off while I’m publishing these VR comics.

That said, I’m not entirely happy with these VR comics. I find the idea of VRide (for non-programers, “Integrated Development Environment” or IDE is the name for the tool programmers use to write code) really appealing and plausible, but it’s so much out of people’s experiences that it’s tough to make it funny.

I decided to keep it because there’s probably going to be a lot of references to code, and I wanted a more appealing way to represent it.

The VR panels are done with composited stuff pulled from models and VR screenshots. All things that change art styles for this comic have these steps:

  1. Oh, this is a fun thing to work with.
  2. Shit, this is a lot of work.
  3. Oh my god, I want my life back.
  4. I’ve found shortcuts, and I hate life a little less.
  5. I’m going to pull some of this new style into my regular routine.

However, I only have five weeks of VR, so I got to step 3 and ended. I did get a tiny bit better at modeling stuff in VR.