VR Part 3

Here’s my latest comic: https://inhumaneresourcescomic.com/#/panel/318.

This was a lot of work. I learned a lot making all my representations of code in Blender, which is to say I found it pretty difficult. I did get a basic handle on texturing and UV Maps.

And ugh, I don’t like this comic. You’ll probably think you don’t get it, but the secret is that it isn’t funny. This could become my “cow tools” (a Far Side cartoon everyone thought had a mysterious meaning because there wasn’t much of a joke to get).

First, the IntelliJ plugin. The idea that an IntelliJ plugin could turn your coding experience into a magical world is roughly as silly as the same thing being done with a Photoshop plugin, roughly a quarter as silly as it being done with an Excel Macro.

Second, Julius is really disappointed and says this really shows there is no God. It’s an overreaction to finding out someone didn’t make a new IDE after all.

The odd things about the things programmers use to program is that they change very, very slowly. You’d think programmers would be constantly making things to make programming easier.

Nope. If programmers made clothes, they’d be using a shuttle and a loom sneering at these new kids and their dependence on sewing machines.

VRide’s biggest inspiration is Scratch from the MIT media lab. I had to restrain myself from doing five more comics getting more specific about the interface. I’ll give you a sample:

Say you want to make a for loop: you form a “C” with your hand for “control structure”. A bunch of structures pop up and you rotate your hand until the for loop is directly above it. You flick your fingers and the for loop goes into the code near where your hand is.

I’m working on a VR viewer for the comic. This involves working with Three.js and spatial math that I’m really quite terrible at. It’s going slowly.